Beechwood High School - 2016

Beechwood High School - 2016

Beechwood High School - 2016

Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky 41017

KMEA Classification: A East

Show Title: Rite of the Monarch

Director: Joe Craig and Adam Proctor

Assistant Director(s):

Percussion Staff: Garrette Koeninger, Eric Kraft, Colleen Schabell, and Scott Vanderpool

Colorguard Staff: Andrew Acheson, Taylor Ross, and Brittany Stover

Other Staff: Brian Brown- Drill Design
Rob Depp- Visual Consultant/Concept Design
Jesse Gibbs- Woodwind/Visual Instructor
Micah Burkhardt- Brass/Visual Instructor
Reid Wassmer- Brass/Visual Instructor
Randy Webb- Brass (Camp Instructor)
Matt Phillips- Brass (Camp Instructor)
Chris Alverson- Woodwinds (Camp Instructor)
Matt Chandler- Woodwinds (Camp Instructor)
Betty Douglas- Woodwinds (Camp Instructor)
Amanda Morris- Colorguard (Camp Instructor)
Pam Ausdemore- Colorguard (Camp Instructor)
Lydia Allen- Band Movement

65 Winds/Percussion
13 Colorguard
2 Field Commanders
80 Total Members

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